Form saddle tech:

Start install with rails level to ground when bike is exact level.

Toe saddle up/down for pubic Rami support to help un- weight the hands and shoulders.

It’s best if your Front pelvic Rami bones make even contact with front of saddle.

Caution if the saddle nose is to high it will block pelvic rotation and can descrease ease of pedaling. The idea is to engage higher leg muscles and Glutes to unload knees and make pedaling more tangential.

It’s best to not push back and fourth on saddle to find your position. Start by pedaling at 95 rpm and allow your body to naturally settle into saddle pocket.

Nose to low you may feel like you are sliding forward and support is lost adding more weight on hands.

Remember when adjusting saddle fore/aft for every 10mm of movement saddle height changes by approx 3mm.

When the saddle position is dialed your arms should be slightly bent as to not use them as columns and reach should feel comfortable to hood cradle.

Bars: If to low weight is transferred more to arms because reach will need to be shorter and you end up tripoding with arms and you may need to toe saddle more down but this can increase weight on arms.
The idea is when in the pocket you won’t feel to forward on saddle nose or to far back sitting behind saddle, other wise saddle may be to high or to far back in position sliding to far rearward.

Proper placement of saddle fore/aft is key. Basically the center of knee femoral head over the back of spindle when pedal/shoe is parallel with ground on a level bike with crank arm at 3 o’clock, is a good starting point.

When pedaling we don’t want to drop ankle thru stroke and or excessively toe down. Saddle height effects your angle of foot toeing up or down.

If we drop ankles while pedaling it’s like climbing a stairs from behind the stair tread and you then use much more VMO to pedal vs upper leg muscles and Glutes.

Saddle to low you will stress knees and load Patellas which can cause pain. Saddle to High and you may have pain behind back of knees from reaching.

The Knee angle at full extension with shoe parallel at 3 o’clock position is 38degs best starting point.